NAUGHTY OR NICE: Checklist for the Unemployed!

Don’t wind up on the naughty list!  Here’s some tips to keep you in check during your (temporary!) unemployment!

  • NICE: Exercise!  It frees your mind and does wonders for your emotional well-being (and physical!)
  • NAUGHTY: Winding up in financial trouble due to careless budgeting
  • NICE: Spend time reading about your industry and keeping in the know about current happenings
  • NICE: Have a daily routine.  Looking for a job should be treated as one, and a routine helps keep you focused and on task
  • NAUGHTY: Surrounding yourself with negative or miserable people.  It only makes you feel worse!  Stay away
  • NICE: Perfect your resume and have people look at it!  Have different versions available which highlight specific credentials
  • NAUGHTY: Ostracizing yourself from others
  • NICE: Have a list of contacts to regularly check-in with and keep in touch with!
  • NAUGHTY: Not keeping in touch with your former contacts or following up to potential interview opportunities
  • NICE: Have a list of websites with job board postings that you check daily
  • NAUGHTY: Sleeping super late and not moving out of your bed/off the couch all day
  • NICE: Go for long walks!  Fresh air is vital, as is stepping out of your apartment
  • NAUGHTY: Not showering!
  • NICE: Keep on top of your unemployment benefits and learn how to budget efficiently
  • NICE: Meeting up with other people in your situation.  Your great friends will sympathize, but having someone to empathize with makes a huge and helpful difference.
  • NICE: Listen to fun, uplifting music!  I suggest Hanson’s Christmas Album circa 1997!
  • NAUGHTY: Expecting things to happen for you
  • NICE: Visiting Zippy in Santaland to brighten your spirits 🙂



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  1. 1
    AB Says:

    Dear Zippy,

    You may have just ruined your anonymity with that musical recommendation.

    Keep up the great writing! xoxo

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