O Christmas Tree!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the ever magnificent, Christmas Tree!  The twinkling lights set in a bed of deep green is something that always makes me feel peaceful and at ease.

I was fortunate enough to split the cost of our tree with some roommates, making it an affordable holiday lift-me-up!

My  roommates and I set out for the New York City streets to choose our perfect tree!   Here are some pictures from the adventure!

We found a great place on the UWS just a few blocks up from our apartment…

Little did we know it was the same place that we went to last year for our tree!  The tree man, Francois, remembered us!  It’s not too unbelievable…who could forget five loud, enthusiastic, fun girls?

Here is Francois, with our tree he has named Pierre.  Pierre is a balsam fir and comes to us from Quebec!

Mission completed!  Here is Pierre all decorated and set in his cozy new home on the Upper West Side, bringing joy to to his fellow apartment inhabitants!

Until next time,



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    Mikechop Says:

    The only thing this post is missing is a picture of your tree from last year that you left up for 3 months after Christmas without watering it until it became a fossil and you threw it out the window. Nothing says Christmas like a flying Christmas tree of death raining down upon unsuspecting Upper West Siders!

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