The best way to spread Christmas Cheer…

Welcome to The Chronicles of Zippy The Elf!  My guide to surviving the holiday season while unemployed!

With the unemployment rate in double digits, it’s a safe bet that you found my blog because you:

a.)    Are unemployed

b.)    Were once unemployed

c.)     Have a close family member or friend currently facing the same predicament

As an unemployed twenty-something, I foresaw the holiday season, (more specifically: December in NYC) as a completely wretched time to be a part of the 10.2%. A few weeks ago I craved for the 12th month to pass over quickly, as if it never happened, rather than be smacked in the face with holiday cheer each direction I attempted to move.

A very long story short, I ultimately realized that the only possible way to survive the holidays while undergoing something so personally debilitating, is tackle it full on.  Dive head first into eggnog, dance with nutcrackers, and pass through the seven layers of the Candy Cane Forest.  In other words…become a Macy’s Elf in Santaland.

My mission is to offer seasonal support by means of my seasonal adventure!  In addition to bringing you random musings as I chronicle life as an Elf, I hope to offer advice on how to keep your spirits bright this holiday season:

  • Share great articles offering advice and insight to keep you inspired during your job search
  • Interview people falling in the 10.2% and find their tips for how to survive December
  • Offer seasonal Things To Do! Attractions to visit, cookies to bake, and movies to watch!  Holiday survival – on  the   cheap!
  • Present options to keep you positive, keep your spirits lifted, and keep your mind in the present
  • Offer your family and friends advice on how to be of support during this time

Tomorrow marks my first official day as an Elf!  So excited to begin this adventure!  I hope you follow along for the ride.

Let your attitude be gratitude, have a little faith, and just believe*




  1. 1
    Chris Bowden Says:

    Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts regarding “Zippy’s” activities during this Christmas season. I know your future is as bright as the tree top in Rock Center!! Of course the only spot that was not “bright” was the passing of a loved one.

  2. 2
    Chris Bowden Says:

    Great job this Christmas season detailing the adventures of “Zippy”!! Your future is as bright as the tree top @ Rock Center for sure !! Our condolences on the passing of a beloved family member, and know that she is now in God’s hands.

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